Every order at Hardwood Design Custom Cabinets goes through a step-by-step process. At each stage, whether it involves  construction, staining, or installation, the work is done by members of our team who have professional expertise in that particular area. On this page we show a home entertainment center cabinet progressing from its initial design all the way through to installation. We hope this helps familiarize you with the process involved in completing your cabinets.

Going over the plans with our shop techniciansGoing Over the Plans

The initial process in constructing your cabinet(s), after Bob comes out to your home, measures the area, and discusses the design, is for him to go over each section of the cabinet(s) with our shop technicians.

Cutting the woodCutting the Wood

The selected wood (Cherry, Alder, Maple, etc.) is then cut into the various shapes and sizes to mach the plans for the frames and body of the cabinet(s).

Assembling the piecesAssembling the Pieces

The cut wood is then assembled piece by piece to construct the frames of the cabinet(s).

Forming the body of the cabinetForming the Body

The sides, top and bottom are then assembled to form the body of the cabinet(s).

Frames are attached to the body of the cabinetsFrame and Body are United

The completed frames are then attached to the newly constructed body of the cabinet(s).

Frames are attached to the body of the cabinetsBonding Frame to Body

In another section of the cabinet, again the completed frames are being attached to the body of the cabinet(s). Clamps are used to help strengthen the bond.

Sanded down and ready for finishingReady for Finishing!

After the frames are attached to the body of the cabinet(s), they are sanded and prepared for the finishing department..

Finishing the cabinetsStaining the Cabinets!

Now the finishing process begins. Here we blend and then apply the particular stain that creates the custom finish for your cabinets.

Attaching the hardwareAttaching the Hardware

As the cabinet(s) are finished, the next step is to attach the hardware.

Preparing for installationReady for Installation!

Next the cabinet is delivered to your home. The drawers are slid into place and we prepare for installation.

The installed cabinetInstallation!

The doors and moldings are usually put in place at this time and the installation is completed. The rest is up to the customer to enjoy their new custom cabinets!